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I am crying 

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I’ve previously done a piano and string arrangement for Last Hope last year, but I feel like I’ve had a whole year to become more emotionally invested in the song, so I wanted to re-do it. 

I wanted to re-do it because this song simply became much more than just a song to me. It has helped me through some very rough times, and these past two years haven’t been easy at all for me. That is the power of music, and I really believe music can be such an important factor in getting better in every sense.

This arrangement goes out to anyone who is suffering in any way, and it goes out to anyone who believes music is a healer. 

It’s easy for anyone to say ‘Things will get better’. All I can say, is that things WILL most likely get better, but in your own way, in your own time. You’ll live and learn by your mistakes, you’ll hold all experiences close to your heart either good or bad, and be a better person because of it. 

I hope you enjoy this arrangement. 


Going on Facebook and hating 99.9% of posts and people on there

Do you ever get invited to group things and then contemplate going, but then you think…

1. But wait, I have nothing in common with you anymore

2. Just Nahhhh.

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taylor-sea: The progression of video games in a few decades.


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Stories like this inspire me.

Twenty three-year-old chef Matt Bradley used to spend his days picking at food at work – and it showed. He ballooned to almost 18st.

But, when he started planning his wedding to childhood sweetheart Hannah 18 months ago, he decided something had to give.

‘On the one hand, I was really happy and secure with Hannah. On the other, my confidence had taken a real nosedive and I was very self-conscious about my size. I had to buy XXL clothes online and I hated seeing photographs of myself – there’s a picture of me at a wedding and I swear I’ve got three chins,’ Matt explains. 

After losing 3st, he joined the local gym and started running – walking and jogging to start with and eventually building up to a 10k race.

He reckons his biggest boost came when his doctor didn’t believe he was the same person.

The transformation worked out REALLLLLY well for the guy. I mean damn. 

Thanks U2, for giving me an album that I didn’t fucking ask for or want.

How they even be doing that shit, putting their music on your phone like they have a right. 








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my patreon failed so fucking hard